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Fire protection, occupational health and safety concerns almost every organization. Despite the best insurance protection, a major loss in a company often leads directly to insolvency. The good news is that most accidents can be effectively prevented – or at least limited to the extent that mistakes do not lead to catastrophes – by means of a realistic business risk assessment, a practical fire protection concept, optimum technical equipment and, above all, regular training of all employees.

Approximately 200,000 fires, 4,000 injuries and 400 deaths per year in Germany speak for themselves.

A practical fire protection concept is indispensable, but the continuous education and training of employees is decisive for its effectiveness and success. How to prevent fires, how to react correctly to an incipient fire and how to evacuate in an emergency is primarily a matter of practice.

The duties of the entrepreneur are comprehensively regulated in numerous legal regulations: Fire protection officers must be appointed, fire wardens and evacuation assistants must be designated and regularly instructed. First aiders and, depending on the size of the organization, company paramedics must be trained for occupational health protection. Material must be kept on hand and processes documented.

Nothing less than the economic existence of the company, the lives, the health and also the jobs of the employees are at stake! Almost half of the companies affected are insolvent within a short time after a major fire.

Because the actual „catastrophe“ often begins only days and weeks after the damage: At the latest when police, (state) lawyers and insurance companies start their work, investments and costs for preventive fire and health protection are paying off.

secours advises and supports you effectively in all questions and with every task in operational fire and health protection. Nationwide!

One learns from mistakes.
It is even better not to make them in the first place.
Stay error and fire free!

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